Dana Michel: Yellow Towel

Before Dana Michel’s first performance of Yellow Towel at the Contemporary Arts Center this week, a friend of mine emailed a group of women in a local natural hair group to say we should all see this production because it’s about “a poem about hair.” That didn’t exactly end up being true. After seeing Yellow Towel, I don’t think it’s so much “about” hair as it is about how society boxes us in and/or locks us out. Continue reading “Dana Michel: Yellow Towel”

The Road to SOBSFic Con: Why a State of BLACK Science Fiction Convention?

Chronicles of Harriet

When a person was recently approached with the idea of being a guest (not by me, thankfully) at SOBSFic Con, the person responded by saying “Miss me with that shit! I don’t support Black anything! If white people threw a ‘White Science Fiction Convention’ Black people would be up in arms.”

Another person took it upon themselves to “enlighten” me after I posted an article about SOBSFic Con in a group:

“The real problem here is calling it ‘Black Science Fiction’,” they said. “If Afram writers insist on segregating their books in this manner, it will be a real challenge to market them. Simply writing a good book that HAPPENS to have a black character is good enough… I’ve found it’s difficult to sell a book OUTSIDE of people of color markets when we call the books ‘African-American’ or ‘Black’…this is just a sad fact. I’m black and…

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