Celebrating Black Horror, Part 4: Sugar Hill

This month, we’re highlighting some little known or completely forgotten Black horror films, thanks to the folks at the Department of Afro American Research, Arts, and Culture in Greensboro, North Carolina! Next up, 1974’s Sugar Hill!

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#BIPOCWitchDay is Back This Weekend

We recently found out that Noa M. (@mellodies on Instagram) is hosting #BIPOCWitchDay again this weekend! To celebrate, post your witchiest outfits online today and tomorrow, 10/22 & 10/23 and read our interview with the creator from last October!

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Black Art at BLINK 2022

BLINK started tonight and here’s some of the Black art we saw during the event!

“In speaking with locals about the area, I put together a vision that would feature the youth of the community looking towards the future of it throughout the growth and change along with pixel mapping from Chaske Haverkos for a multisensorial experience. The figures are in meditation with their thoughts while looking up to the sky symbolizing the future and limitless possibilities.”

1818 Race Street, in the Market Square alleyway

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