Black Fae Day Meetup 2023!

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Black Fae Day meetup! It was ridiculously hot but Mt. Airy Arboretum was gorgeous as always. 🧚🏾🧚🏾‍♂️🧚🏾‍♀️ It continues to be the PERFECT place for this kind of event. This was the biggest group yet—about 22 people showed up and showed out! Extra special thanks to our amazing photographers Salim Williams of NyteVisions Photography, Brittney Johnson of Happy Bubbles Images and John X for capturing the event! (Note: Photos will be posted here as we receive them.)

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Black Fae Day 2023 Photographers: Happy Bubbles Images

We have several photographers coming to our 2023 Black Fae Day meetup next month so have your costumes ready! Next up: Happy Bubbles Images.

Brittney of Happy Bubbles Images started her photography career in preparation for a vacation to Iceland. Once she got her first camera, she was hooked and there was no going back. The bulk of her photography is landscape/cityscape documenting her travels with her son. Her goal is to encourage more BIPOC to get outdoors and connect with nature and find their peace within it as she has.

Black Fae Day 2023 Photographers: NyteVisions Photography

We have several photographers coming to our 2023 Black Fae Day meetup next month so have your costumes ready! First up: Nyte of NyteVisions Media.

Nyte has been taking great photographs since 2007. Based in Cincinnati, he’s taken photos in most genres, but specializes in portraiture. He enjoys making fun and creative images, which, combined with his love of pop culture and media, has led to cosplay photography. Over the years, he has taken photos of numerous people at various conventions, and has participated for the last two years in the Black Fae Day events held locally. As 2023’s Black Fae Day event approaches, he hopes that he can help give more visibility to this growing community with the photos he’ll help create.

Black Fantastic Bundle

“Every year, during Black History Month, we commemorate the achievements of Black people worldwide. This celebration encompasses all facets of Black life and culture, including the written word. By curating this bundle on, I hope to expose more readers to some of the best writing in the Black Fantastic tradition, including bestselling authors, award-winners, and rising stars.” More details here.