2nd Annual Queen City Black Comix Day Recap

It’s been a month since our 2nd annual Queen City Black Comix Day (whew, life has been coming at us fast!), but we’re still flying high! Thanks again to all of our awesome artists, cosplayers and attendees. We hope to see you next summer!

Black Power: The Superhero Anthology TOC

Can’t wait!

Chronicles of Harriet

When we put out the call for submissions for Black Power: The Superhero Anthology, we expected a good response. However, we were NOT expecting to receive over 50 submissions.

Correction: over 50 submissions of some of the greatest stories we have ever had the pleasure of reading!

It was difficult to narrow it down, but we have chosen nineteen (19) stories we feel best capture what we are looking for and will excite and inspire readers who have been waiting for an anthology like this – one in which Black Superheroes are at the forefront, aren’t simply the sidekick, cannon fodder, or the “Magical Negro,” whose major purpose is to pick the white hero up (emotionally and often physically) when he is down and encourage said white hero to go on and save the world.

We at Blacktastic Books – the Comic Book, Graphic Novel and Superhero imprint of…

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